Indians Fans Grow Up!

Sadly, the politically incorrectly have felt the need lately to go the extra mile to offend. The Cleveland fans are no exception and little different from the willfully ignorant in Washington or Atlanta. It costs individuals so little to change their offensiveness and though certainly it costs institutions financially more, it is simply the right thing to do. “Noblesse oblige” suggests that those in a society with more are expected to BE more. The example I have given to my students is that if it cost you NOTHING to make another person feel better would you do it? The Indians logo and some of their fans going out of their way to be offensive is cheap and antiquated and represents the worst of intolerance. Why would ANY human being of character choose to be gross over showing kindness and grace, especially when it costs them NOTHING.


The game I LOVE continues to lurch towards modernity.Baseball’s rotator-cuff will always be its ingrained stunted racist culture.
With older males of one race controlling ANYTHING, a club forms and like Augusta National and Wimbledon they exist as much from colonial nostalgia as from the games produced. Time marches on and our culture is more inclusive and less exclusive than it has ever been.
Baseball will swear that it adores inclusion and they will point at their window dressings of the past 20 years as if it is was progress. In a vacuum perhaps they are progressive.
The problem is that the changes within society at large makes MLB look racially quaint.
And this poly-racial and poly-cultural nation buys your hot-dogs and slurps your beer.  And isn’t your “trust-like” culture allowed by Congress?.

It is a game of color. Yet from the top down the owners, the GM’s, the Managers and the coaches are still the same race and gender as the owners. A manager whose race matches his owners can look forward to several chances in his managerial career. A field manager of color most often gets but one chance and less time to do it.
And this is where Baseball should change culture.
Different faces, races, genders and sexualities are managing others and giving orders across America.They ARE here.And they are us.
Baseball could be reactive, instead of being habitually retroactive.
Fix this before Milwaukee, Pittsburgh or Kansas City hire again.
Hug this out MLB!